Being afraid on the court means you’re not confident of your skills.

Michael Jordan.

All three books 500 Basketball drills for better practices may help you with building your confidence.

Book's Best Features

Collection of drills and tips you won't get anywhere else


Help your players to become great scorers.


Your team is your responsibility. Good team has always good tactics


Hints about defense you need to know.


Offense wins games, defense wins championships


It all starts with 1 on 1, hints for good basics.


Handicap situations are life situations. Drills you don't want to miss.

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About The Books

Top coaches recognized books' quality

»I'm a basketball coach and I want to learn as much as possible and be better every day. I was desperate to find a book or a textbook that offers all types of basketball drills. Basketball A-Z is perfect for me and I think it would be useful for other basketball coaches as well. It is great to have that kind of help on my bookstand waiting for me. When I run out of ideas or want to do something new there is this amazing book where I can pick from 500 basketball drills. I have to say, that there are so many drills, I haven’t even done before. It helps me to get better as a coach and also it makes my players better!«

Rado Trifunović, Head coach of Slovenian men national team.
"Basketball drills from A to Z is a unique book which helped me a lot. The first time I went through the book, it reminded me that there are so many drills which I don’t use for my practices, but I should. I try to keep that in mind and when I need some fresh ideas, this book is the first thing I check. Drills are set in a great logical order with a lot of guidelines for all players of all ages. I would recommend it to every coach, that wants to be versatile and wants to have so many drills kept in one place."

Damir Grgić, Head coach of women Slovenian national team

Authors word

Drills and tips you shoudn't miss

I am presenting you the three books for basketball coaches and players. Millions of young kids all over the world are playing basketball. Sometimes coaches run out of their ideas for what drill to use when coaching. Here is a solution to this problem. Coaches will no longer have an issue with monotone practices by using this two books. Basketball coaches need to learn every day because they are responsible for transferring their knowledge onto players.

“BASKETBALL DRILLS FROM A TO Z” offers coaches big help on their coaching path. These two books are unique in the world, as nobody has included such a large collection of basketball drills. A collection of drills from the country of the European champions - Slovenia, is now available in two books. They will introduce a completely new dimension of coaching basketball players. While using these two books, you will offer a fresh perspective of the game to your players by teaching technical and tactic fundamentals and improving offensive and defensive performance at any level.

In 2020 I wrote a book that was upgrade of the first edition published in 2017. I described the theoretical part of every chapter in the first book. Therefore, I recommend using both books together. In this second book “BASKETBALL DRILLS FROM A TO Z” you can find additional 500 basketball drills for senior and youth coaches. Professional material will help coaches design better practices for their players.

In 2022 I wrote a third book that was upgrade to both previous editions.


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About Author

He was named five times as coach of the year in country of European champions

Dejan Cikic

Dejan Čikić started working as a professional basketball coach for youth teams in 2000. In 2011 he gained FIBA license and FIBA EUROPE COACHING CERTIFICATE. For past 10 years he’s responsible for one of the best youth basketball programs in Slovenia - Helios Domžale. He’s also involved in Slovenian basketball federation programs, working like assistant and head coach of Slovenian U18 and U16 national teams. He was named “Slovenian coach of the year for youth categories” for five times in last ten years, voted by all the Slovenian coaches. He’s open to share his knowledge with other coaches. As a basketball coach he has a mission to inspire as much kids for the sport as possible. That is why he hold lectures at a lot of coaching clinics in Slovenia and abroad.


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